Strang, William & Family Headstone 1875

Sacred/to the memory of /William Strang/Springfield Cottage, Strathavon/who died 17th Nov 1875 aged 79/ Helen Crawford/ his wife/ who died 4th June 1997 aged 88/ Janet Wilson/ wife of Gavin Strang/ who died 2nd Dec 1876 aged 33 [illegible]/ George Morton/ his son/ who died 23rd Nov 1887 aged 6?/ Dizzie/ daughter of William & Lizzie Strang/ Maidenburn/ who died 1st April 1898 Aged 14 months/ the above/ Gavin Strang/ who died 20th Sept 1907 aged 69/ and/ Helen Morton/ widow of the above Gavin Strang who died 11th Feb 1932 aged 89.