Ian's Linux Pages: Running The Master Genealogist v7 under Linux with Crossover, ParallelsWorkstation or Win4LinPro

TMG V7 (The Master Genealogist V7) does not work in CrossOver6 (Score: 3) Date: 2008-01-07 07:19 Here I am using the full paid for version 7.01.

Latest News: A  full description of installing TMG7 in wine is given in the Win AppDB HOW TO below. I have now tested this and the steps I used are described below.

VERDICT: Virtuallyt everything works in TMG7 in wine 1.1.8 and later under Ubuntu Gutsy & Hardy. see the url below for detailed instructions.


Mon 10 Nov 2008: Wholly Genes are onto the problem with backup and restore. Jim Byram has found the solution and this will be made available imminently with the next release of TMG.

NOTE WELL: Before doing anything backup your .wine directory to say: .wine.backup.BeforeTMG7Installed. 

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