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Ged SiteInLinux and GRAMPS Page: a DRAFT

Guidance on how to run GedSite in Linux wine and interface with GRAMPS. A draft.

The Master Genealogist to GRAMPS using tmg2gramps:
Finally I have moved to open source. How I did it is explained in the link above. I prefer TMG but as it is being discontinued I find that GRAMPS will hold all my data the way I want. What I find deficient is the ability to put my entire family tree on a CD or the web (less living persons). There is a routine called Narrative Web Report which produces good html but it is not a patch on John Cardinal's SecondSite for TMG. However, since all the programs are open source, I expect to be able to tweek the web report to produce outpur something like SecondSite. I am learning Python to do this and will keep you posted.

I wrote this next paragraph a while back, about January 2014, before the announcement that TMG was going to be discontinued. Running TMG versions 7, 8 or 9 is much easier by using PlayOnLinux which gamers use but works fine on installations like this. In particular, SecondSite produces a easy to configure website. GRAMPS is a great program which you can extend using Python scripts but the effort was beyond me at the moment.

Scripts to Install TMG, SecondSite & TMGUtility using PlayOnLinux

Here are some scripts for installing various versions of TMG painlessly in Linux using PlayOnLinux (POL) which I have found much easier to script than Crossover. I use LinuxMint13 which is based on Ubuntu Precise 12.04. I believe that POL with run on a Mac but I do not have one to test on.

TMG and SecondSite have version which you can try, then you can purchase a licence to use them which I would encourage you to do.

First install POL in Linux. I use a ppa which keeps is up to date.

Open and editor and copy the script below and save as the name given in each file with extension .pol.

In POL menu Tools > Run a local script - navigate to the scripts just saved.   You will get lots of warnings to which you should pay attention. However, the scripts work safely for me.

If asked Erase the contents. You can overwrite later if you are sure.

This will set up a separate wine bottle for each installation. It will not interfere with your own installation of wine. However, check that you are happy with this. These scripts work for me, so use them at your own risk.

At some point in the TMG in stallion you will be told the program has crashed.  Just ignore this POL is searching for a file it cannot locate on the web and this does not seem to matter. You can open a debug window to check what is happening: Tools > PlayOnLinux debugger - then choose the bottle.

Install TMG9 (Also works for 7 & 8 if you edit the numbers.)


You need to download TMG before you start from WhollyGenes or for UK version.

This script extracts the setup.exe which wine cannot handle, into a .msi file with which wine works fine. You will still require a serial number to use anything other than the trial version.

Remember to put Data_paths.txt in the TMG installation program if you need it. See Terry's Tips.

The .chm help files in TMG will not work. In Linux navigate to the TMG program directory and use ChmSee to view. It works better than some of the other windows help viewers.

If arrows and ticks are missing from boxes and displayed by small rectangles check that the file wingding.ttf  exists in the directory  of POL /drive_c/windows/fonts/. If not copy it from somewhere.

In Tools > Master Tag Type List > Export Mark, Unmark, etc do not work as expected. Unmark, Mark all work OK, but you can only Mark or Unmark the first choice that you make. Unmark all will undo this. This means that you can only export one or all or the tags, no number in between will work.

rtfviewer.exe used by Report > Individual Narrative (and others) will not render any fonts on the screen. (However, you can copy and paste the illegible script to another editor and see the fonts.) I save as an RTF file and open for viewing when asked. This opens wine's wordpad.exe which is more fully featured than rtfviewer.exe.

I think the Message Centre will tell you about updates to the program but I doubt if they will install. Rerun the script with the latest version of TMG setup file.

Install SecondSite & TMGUtility by John Cardinal in its own bottle with POL.


These take you to John's download pages. If you have already downloaded the files, just close the browser and continue.

The current version of TMG Utility supports TMG v9. John says, "It's not obvious from the TMG Utility web site because the site has not been updated since TMG v9 was released. The TMG project structure did not change between TMG 8.08 and TMG 9.00, so there was no update required for TMG Utility."

If you get a message about PolyImage2.dll being outdated then TMGU has probably overwritten this. Just reinstall SecondSite and this will be resolved. You can reinstall SS from the PlayOnLinux > Configuration > Miscellaneous > Run a Windows Executable in this virtual drive. Then navigate to the SS install file.

All this below is probably a bit out of date but may help someone.

The Master Genealogist running under Linux using Crossover, wine, ParallelsWorkstation & Win4LinPro

Install TMG7, TMG Utility and Second Site 2 in Crossover.

Install TMG7 in wine.

E-mail me if you have any ideas or fhttp://homepage.ntlworld.com/hamamelis/cs/ind this useful.

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