Ian's South West of Scotland Windsurfing:  What to Visit in Galloway

Gardens are a specially of the Mull of Galloway because the weather is so mild due to the Gulf Stream. Ardwell gardens on A176 is a very pleasant woodland garden with a loch, walled garden and plant sales. The Logan Botanic Gardens, an outpost of the famous Edinburgh Botanic Gardens, on B7065 nearly at  Port Patrick is an absolute must. Many tropical species, avenue of cabbage palms , pleasant cafe & plant sales. Castle Kennedy Garden on A75 5 miles from Stranraer has stunning rhododendrons in April/May and may exotic Embothrium and Crinodendrons in flower a bit later. A large woodland garden with several lochs, a walled garden, ruined castle, small cafe and very interesting plant sales. You can take your dog on a lead. Glenwham garden off A75 10 miles from Stranraer was started about 10 years ago, & with loch and wonderful views of Glen Luce is a must. Pleasant cafe and wonderful selection of unusual plants for sale. There is a herb garden (with lots of plants for sale) just south of the A75 near Castle Kennedy.

Kirkmadrine Inscribed Stones sign posted west off A716 just south of Sandhead.

Fish Ponds used for storage and breeding of fish in natural pond, at Port Logan. Also interesting old harbour.

Stranraer has an information centre beside the museum, and the castle is right in the centre with set pieces telling the tale of the Covenanters. You can see the two catamaran ferries (Sea Cat & HSS) coming in, and their is a choice of 5 ferries to Belfast, two from Cairn Ryan nearby.

Mull of Galloway lighthouse at the very tip is pretty impressive, surrounded by towering cliffs and raging seas.

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