Ian's South West of Scotland Windsurfing
Mull of Galloway West
Ardwell Bay reached off B7084, just south of Ardwell Garden. Turn west for a few miles, then left at a cross-roads, from where the bay is marked. Pleasant sandy cove, could be good for windsurfing in SW, but bay is sheltered by Ardmore Point. Long walks in either direction, with a real sea kale plant near a fisherman's cottage to the north. Car Park and gets popular with trippers. There is a sign saying no overnight parking? - but looks ideal.

Kilantringan, west off B738 a few miles north of Port Patrick, following signs to lighthouse, has the most wonderful looking swell coming in to a sandy beach and is used by surfers. It might work for windsurfing in SW, but is a bit sheltered by the headland at Black Head where the lighthouse is situated and has fingers of rock jutting into the sea at high tide. Several miles of beach. There is a 5 knot tide round the headland.

Port Logan can be a good sail on B7065 in a SW, but watch the dumping waves &, set off from behind the lovely old harbour with brazier light-house and guarde loo!. Alternatively, from the north near the rocks. Not for the inexpert, because if has hills all round, for there to be any wind it must be too onshore for comfort, but it is a truly beautiful spot to sail. Visit the Fish Ponds & there is a small hotel.

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