Clootie Dumpling. New Year 2008

This is based on a recipe that mum gave me many years ago.

1 kg mixed fruit & peel

cinnamon ground: 10 ml (2 teaspoonfuls)
cloves ground: 1.25ml (1/4 teaspoonful)
nutmeg - a good grinding
ginger ground: 5 ml (1 teaspoonful)
baking soda: 5 ml (1 teaspoonful)


brown flour: 6 oz (168 g)
brown breadcrumbs, dryish & ground: 6 oz (168 g)
olive oil margarine spread: 6 oz (168 g)

whiskey & milk to mix.

Mix all the dry ingredients together. Blend in the margarine. Pour in a mixture of whisky and milk to make a very stiff dough. Leave to stand for a big & get on with preparing the clout.

Take a piece of muslin about 0.8 m square and lay it on a flat board. Pour newly boiled water over it and allow it to drain. Immediately sprinkle white flour on it from a sieve to cover the central area till no cloth can be seen.

Take the dough and need into a lump and place this in the middle of the muslin. Draw together the corners and tie a piece of string or muslin around to make a closed bag. Allow about 10-20% extra looseness for expansion when the pudding cooks.

Have a large pot of fast boiling water ready with a trivet on the base. Lower the pudding in. The water should come to half way up the pudding and should stay boiling. Cover tightly with a lid. Gradually lower the heat but make sure that it keeps simmering. Cook for 3 hours. Remove, dip in cold water a couple of times. Pull back some of the muslin to leave the white skin on the pud. Turn onto a plate & strip off the cloth carefully.

Serve with lemon sauce or brandy butter, as you please.

Healthy Biscuits

Rolled Oats 70 g.
Plain Flour   70 g.
Baking Powder 10 ml
Olive Oil 56 g.
Heaped 15 ml. spoonful Honey
Water 30 ml.

Mix oil, sugar, honey & water and heat gently to melt sugar.
Add to other mixed dry ingredients and blend well.
Roll into 1.5 cm. balls and place on well oiled baking tray.  Flatten each to about 4 mm. thick.
Bake till slightly brown at 140 degrees Centigrade.  Takes about 15 minutes.
Watch careful because they brown very quickly.
Remove from tray quickly or they may stick for ever.

Almond Biscuits.

Rolled Oats 28 g.
Wholemeal Flour 70 g.
Ground Almonds 70 g.
5 ml. Baking Powder.
Sugar 84 g.
Heaped 15 ml. spoon of Honey.
56 g Olive Oil.
30 ml. water.

Method as above.


Medium Oatmeal 200 ml.
Olive Oil (or similar) 5 ml.
Sea Salt (if wished)
Boiling Water about 45 ml.

Mix oil and oatmeal thoroughly in a bowl with salt, then add the boiling water and mix till it becomes a sticky past.
Pat into a ball and roll out with a rolling pin, using more oatmeal to stop it sticking, into a circle about 25 cm. diameter.
Cut into segments of a circle and reassemble on a hot girdle.  Leave there until the cakes start to curl up. Carefully transfer to an oven at about 125 degrees Celsius and leave there till they are really crisp.  Watch that they don't burn.
When quite cold eat with cheese, butter or other spreads.  Store in airtight tin.

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