Moulder Curtals

Here is a list of instruments that I would sell if I can find a sympathetic home for them. They were used by The Burgh Waits early music group which has long since gone silent, but the memory sings sweetly.
Note: I have very little idea of current prices. There may some errors in my suggestions. These are princes are negotiable in consultation with Robert Lay and myself, Ian Strang . I'll try and add some more pictures.

I am afraid that I have decided that I will only sell instruments to people living in the UK. This is because of currency fluctuations, problems of clearance of funds and the high price of shipping and insurance. Sorting out these things just takes too much of my time.



Instruments For Sale
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Octavina Spinet by Lionel Gliori after St Cecilia's in Edinburgh
     needs some attenion.
     Painting based on Titian's Three Ages of Man - reveersed to fit lid.
Octavina Spinnet

Pentagonal Virginals 8' by Lionel Gliori after instrument in St Ceclia's in Edinburgh
    (the lower & larger of the two in the illustration above. Needs attention. Note recent much lower asking price.


Italian Virginals: Constructed from a Zuckermann kit in 1983

Large Cittern by Northern Renaissance Instruments Might sell  
Small Cittern by Northern Renaissance Instruments Might sell
Chiterone by John Downing fibreglass & cedar
Baroque 13 Course Lute in F by Stephen Barber ebony back with white stringers"  
Renaissance Violin by Bob Hadaway with bow players finish  
Renaissance Italian Bass Viol by Bob Hadaway reworked not perfect"  
Bass Viol Bow Seifert Grade V  
apparently valuable
Bass Viol Renaissance by Northern Renaissance Instruments    
Rebec Violin string length probably Bernard Ellis with bow  
Modern Violin 1920" Metal strung with bow  

Dulcaines Closed Open (Straight Crumhorns)


Bass Korber


Shawm Spanish Soprano by E Moulder in c' c261Hz


Shaum Alto Korber with pepper pot - in f c175Hz

Curtal C Soprano Eric Moulder  
Curtal G Treble Eric Moulder  
Curtal C Tenor Eric Moulder  (lighter colour)     
Curtal C Tenor Eric Moulder   (darker colour)  
Curtal F Bass Eric Moulder  
Curtal C Tenor ????Korber/Moek  
Rauschpfeifes Closed Open with make & pitch    
Rauschpfeif F Alto Korber (bottom note F below middle C) One key. Length 90cm   sold
Rauschpfeife c' Soprano Korber (bottom note middle C)
Rauschpfeifes Open
Rauschpfeife c' Soprano Moeck  (bottom note middle C) Plays fine but worn.  
Rauschpfeife f' Sopranino Korber (bottom note F above middle C)  
Rauschpfeife f' Sopranino by E Moulder (bottom note F above middle C)  
    NB Moulder is much shorter than Korber but same pitch - look at finger holes..    
Sordune by Wood Tenor in C
Renaissance Recorder F Bass Hopf Praetorius  
Renaissance Recorder C Great Bass Hopf Praetorius  
Renaissance Recorder Hopf F Bass Fruit wood, direct blown  
Baroque Recorder Moeck F Bass '252'" in Ash, direct blown  
Baroque Recorder Moeck C Tenor '242'" in Ash  
Baroque Recorder Moeck F Alto in Ash  
Baroque Recorder Treble Roessler Oeberlender Low pitch in granadilla  
Trumpet - simple with extension tubes for C/D?    
Cornetto Epoxy several mouthpieces.
"Northumbrian Pipes 11 key F 4 drones  
Bandora by IWS made by me after Northern Renaissance Instruments Plans" Might lend    

Ensoniq EPS16+
Ensoniq EPS-16 Plus Digital Sampling Workstation (5 octave keyboard) in hard case
    with Musician's Manual V1.3, External Command Spec Manual, OS & sample floppies.