Alternative instructions for installing The Master Genealogist and Second Site v2. John Cardinal has been helpful in working these out.

Second Site v2 (SS2) requires installation of MSXML6 which will not run under windows 98 and requires Win2000 or WinXP. See Second Site v2 for instructions on SS2 & MSXML6.msi. TMG will not run under these so a separate bottle is required to run SS2.

1 In CrossoverOffice set up a new windows drive letter that maps to your TMG project and images files. Here is an example:
Crossover>Configuration>[Choose TMG Bottle]>Configure>Control Panel>winecfg then under Drive tab make a new drive letter like s: that maps to the directory that contains TMG projects sub-directory and all exhibits sub-directories. TMG will find exhibits and be able to run with SecondSite2 (see instructions.) This is described in more detail on the previous page.

1a Set up TMG in File>Preferences>Advanced so that it find project and images files in the subdirectories of s: set up above.

2  Install as a supported application: Internet Explorer 6 SP1 in a new Win2000 bottle called, say, "SS2-IE6-FF2"

This is required to the MSXML6 to operate properly.

3 Install Firefox browser for Windows.

4 Install MSXML6.msi as an unsupported application. (You need to specify .msi rather than .exe in the browse panel.

5 Install Second Site v2 as unsupported.

6 Run Second Site 2 from Crossover.

Create a new Site Definition File. An existing version 1 file will not do.

Set Database to the link created in 1 and find appropriate .pjc file: for example: "y:\LinkToTMGSecondSiteCrossover_TMG_projects\Test1__.PJC"

Second Site should now run successfully.

NB You will be able to install TMG in this bottle but it will not run. It requires a Win98 bottle.

If Second Site version 1 is not required then (I think) there is no need to install MSXML version 4 in the bottle in which TMG is installed. Steps 4 & 5 in the earlier instructions can be ignored.

I have not succeeded in getting GenSmarts to work in a WinXP.. Version 1 installs, but when run a message like "GenSmarts.exe already running" comes up. The trial version 2 installs and when run the "Gen Smarts loading..." splash screen appears then the message "GS03- GSEngine already running."  There is a post about correcting this below, but I have not been able to get this to work in Crossover 6.1, yet:
I installed the version 2 trial in wine using WinXP emulation and it can be run with the command:
cd "/home/ian/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/GenSmarts" ; wine gsEngine.exe skipmutex
The mutex implementation in wine is a bit deficient and causes the already running error mentioned above.
The TMG project directory can be accessed by opening the symbolic link to it set up in the home directory, as described above.

I think that TMG Utility must be installed in the TMG bottle so that it can find the project files. When run in a Win2000 bottle is seems to give a file not found error as it launches. I have not worked out why yet.

Uninstalling either GenSmart or TMGUtility (not sure which) caused SS2 to produce a runtime error.

Please email me with any comments.

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