Ian's Linux Page:

The Master Genealogist etc in Linux: in WinXP running in the emulator qemu:

8 Nov 2007 What I did to get qemu to work pefecty with qemu 0.9.0-2ubuntu4, under Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy.

Installed qemu, qemu-launcher. qemuctl. (qemulator appeared not to work some of the time.)

Launch qemu-launcher.

Copy Win98SE.iso from CD. Only needed if you have a WinXP Upgrade disk to work from
Create a WinXPSP2.img image for WinXPSP2 of 3.5Gb.
Boot from Win98SE.iso & install. This overcomes problem of system looking for CD for XP Upgrade: this does not work

Create a WinXPSP2.iso image from WinXP SP2 slipstreamed CD. You can use SP0 or SP1 & upgrade later if you want.
Boot from WinXPSP2.img. This will be Win98 in fact.
Set CDROM to WinXPSP2.iso
Open My Computer> CD-ROM> Setup.exe Choose Reinstall rather that Update.
At points the system will try to reboot, just let it do this from the HD and it restarts.

To read linux disks. Set up a samba share in LinuxL: /home/ian/MyDocuments/MyFamilyTree/TMGMyTree

Launch qemu with qemu-launcher. Give Network>SMB share as above.

Create file /windows/system32/drivers/etc/lmhosts or add to it " smbserver". (Note not the file "hosts" in this directory as some documentation says. This allows \\smbserver\ to access ian & any samba shares set up in qemu-launcher.

In WinXP to speed things up:
Disable Indexing sevice.
Turn off system restore
Properties display>Advanced - visual effects set for best performance.

Map /MyFamilyTree/TMGMyTree to disk s: in WinXP
Install TMG
Tell TMG to open project in s:/MyFamilTree

Notes: If cursor will not go where you want press Ctrl-Alt together to get it back.