Flamenco in Edinburgh & Glasgow, Scotland

Dance, Palmas (clapping classes) & Castanets classes
    Carrie Todd has been doing these in Glasgow & Edinburgher.

There has been a brief interruption in the classes, while Carrie was having a baby. Cora is well into Flamenco hand movements and has been trying a bit of singing.  We wait to see which compas she will choose for her first steps - we are sure that her Solea por bulerias will be less faltering than some on ours. Latest news is that she has had another baby.

    Come & join in find out more
Web Site: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/hamamelis/carrie1.htm
    For Classes in Edinburgh and Alloa phone Carrie at 0131 336 3673.

Pena Flamenco Scotland:

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